Medical Transcription is a very specialized field and requires extensive training. Once trained, however, the demand is very great. One of the most difficult parts of breaking into this lucrative industry is receiving the REQUISITE TRAINING.

“Your income potential will typically be determined by your skill level. And skill level will be a function of training and experience.”


Medical Transcription is a highly skilled profession. It requires an attention to detail and an ability to recognize and understand technical terminology. Good typing skills are a must. Typically an accurate typing speed of 50-70 words per minute is a prerequisite for most positions.  Spelling and grammar skills are also vitally important. On-line dictionaries and spell checks are always available to assist you, but they should not be relied upon completely. You should feel relatively well grounded in spelling and grammar before you decide to enter this field.



Be career ready in as little as 3 months!!!

NISYS launches a 3-month duration certification course in medical transcription for freshers of any background.  It aims at transforming the candidates into a certified skilled transcription professionals and however, this depends on the performance and compliance of the candidates towards the training schedule and their interest and passion towards work though.

This course offers an exciting career growth in the healthcare field.  Nisys training program is ENTIRELY ONLINE  and is committed to helping each enrolling student graduate and successfully transition to a rewarding career.


Materials and a copy of CD (including important softwares) will be provided to the candidates on their initial payment of course fee.  Materials and copy of CD cost including the postal charges are included in the fee.  The materials are expert-created, real-world curriculum – Study materials developed by a practicing medical transcription professional and designed to prepare you for the workplace.